This is amazing Sonia

She likes...

Battlestar Galactica

Ron Perlman

& French's Mustard.

She works with prisoners

Trying to keep them on the straight & narrow

Every day she has to travel a long way

On the train

On the bus

and a little on her feet.

Fortunately, she has coffee

and her iPod

She doesn't like...


Organised religion

Or arguing.

So what is it that makes Sonia amazing?


Even though she is smaller than lots of people

Her heart is bigger

She listens to other people

She cares about what they have to say

and she has a very nice face.

Most importantly though to me

She fills my world with happiness

She turns things upside down

With every day together spent laughing

Amazing Sonia!

The End
(with lots of love from Neil)